Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Health


Dental Hygiene

It can be tempting to put off your regular dental cleanings with our hygienist, especially as most of us lead extremely busy lives, but there are lots of good reasons as to why you shouldn't.

Regular Dental Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned and polished before having your checkup is a vital part of maintaining good oral health, and it's also an excellent time to get advice on the best way to clean and floss your teeth correctly.  Our hygienist will gently scrape away all tartar that may have built up on your teeth, before polishing them.  This will ensure that you have a lovely bright and fresh smile and will help remove surface stains

Tartar forms on teeth when plaque isn't adequately removed.  Plaque is a film of bacteria which forms on teeth after eating and drinking, and begins hardening into tartar within 48 hours.  Once tartar has formed it can only be removed by a dental professional.  Regular removal of plaque and tartar helps ensure that teeth and gums remain healthy, and combined with a good daily oral hygiene routine, means you are far less likely to be susceptible to periodontal disease.

Regular Dental Check-ups

We'll want to see you for your checkup right after our hygienists have worked their magic. Having regular six monthly dental check-ups is the easiest way to maintain good oral health and help your teeth last longer.  We'll be able to pick up any potential problems early on, so treatment will be easier and cheaper, and hopefully it will lessen the need for any extensive dental procedures in the future. 

We can also screen you for any early signs of oral cancer.  This disease can be virtually undetectable and is much easier to treat successfully if caught early on.  Although oral cancer is thankfully quite rare, it can be more prevalent in people who smoke or drink heavily.

If you have any medical conditions we may want to see you at shorter intervals, as certain health issues can affect oral health.

Periodontal Health

A large proportion of the population has some signs of gum disease, and it is one of the major causes of tooth loss.  Tartar removal is extremely important as if left it can cause gum disease or gingivitis, which if left untreated will eventually develop into periodontal disease.  Signs of gum disease include gums that are red and puffy, and which bleed during brushing. 

Early detection is essential as gingivitis is reversible with the correct treatment.  Periodontal disease is much more serious and difficult to treat, and can eventually lead to teeth becoming loose and falling out.  The disease causes the gums around teeth to loosen, and this gap is ideal for bacteria to enter the body.  These bacteria not only affect the health of teeth but the whole body.

The Link between Periodontal Disease and Other Major Diseases

Scientific research points towards a link between systemic diseases such as diabetes and periodontal disease. Damaged and diseased gums create the perfect entry point for bacteria, and from here they can enter the bloodstream and can create a number of inflammatory responses. Periodontal disease has not only been linked to diabetes, but also to heart disease, arthritis, breast cancer and preterm births.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Having healthy, strong teeth and gums really can be a good indication of overall health, and scheduling regular dental checkups is essential to anyone interested in looking after themselves.  If you haven't visited a dentist for a while then why not give us a call and take the first step towards a healthy and happy smile.

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