Night Guards


Night Guards

If you suffer from teeth grinding, which is also called bruxism, then we'll almost certainly recommend that you wear a night guard.  Although some people grind their teeth during the day, the problem generally occurs while you are sleeping.  It can do considerable damage to your teeth and gums, and also to the joint of your jaw which is called your temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  A night guard will help protect your teeth from this problem while you are asleep.

Custom-made night guards

Night guards are made out of hard or soft acrylic.  They are custom-made and prevent the upper and lower teeth from contacting, and also place the jaw into a position where it becomes more relaxed. 

We'll take an impression of your teeth which is then sent to our dental laboratory so they can construct a night guard to our prescription.  We'll fit the night guard on your next visit and will ensure it is comfortable to wear and that you can breathe easily.  Some people may find them a little strange to wear at first, but get used to them after a night or two.

See our page on TMJ for more information about teeth grinding and its causes.

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